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  1. Marijuana Edibles of Today

    Quick History of the Marijuana Edibles The Rebirth of Edible Marijuana in the Last Decade Who would have know that edibles would be the popular choice of the majority who are new or trying medical marijuana for the first time? Ten years ago I would said your nuts that if you were to tell me that edibles would even be on the radar in 2018. Edibles were not a “thing” a decade or so back. When edible marijuana was mentioned back then, the first thoughts which came to mind were a couple of hippies from the early seventies huddled around a stove trying to make a brownie with marijuana that would come out like a solid brick. Today, you have the likes of Martha Stewart giving advice on how to make delicacy masterpieces for casual or formal occasions. In the last decade the edible marijuana market formed and it the fastest growing sector of the medical marijuana movement. I firmly believe the HBO series Weeds played a huge role with edible marijuana being the injection method of choice. Edibles are no joke and seem to get labeled as a weak way to consume marijuana but for those who believe this, you have one hell of a trip coming when down that whole cupcake or scarf up a batch of fresh cookies. Besides edibles throwing the un-expecting of the deep end, the only issue with them I believe is the possibility Original “hippies” became extinct somewhere around 1977-1979 but thanks to those hippies huddle around a stove in a bungalow in CA, the edible marijuana consumption method lived on. Have you tried marijuana edibles? How was it? Good or bad? Did it do anything for you?
  2. Sounds like Arkansas is going live very soon. Five cultivation centers to be awarded. http://5newsonline.com/2018/02/20/stakes-are-high-for-growing-medical-marijuana-five-cultivation-centers-will-be-awarded-next-week/ Now, with something like this should it stay local or should an outside entity come in who has experience? My first thoughts are staying local but someone local without experience could do more harm than good. I assume the correct choice will be made but should cultivation centers be locally own or not? It erks me to see big business come into a local situation but at the same time it’s kind of cool that big business what’s to have anything to do with this at all. Big business paves the way much smoother than local small businesses can. Good in the long run type of thing. Thoughts?
  3. Welcome everyone to the Medical Marijuana discussion forums. Please feel free to discuss topics related to medical marijuana use, procurement, sale of or consumption in this forum. Has your state legalized medical marijuana yet?